NYC 2K14 (DAY 1)
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I went on vacation with my mom and my sister to New York City this summer from August 14 to August 18. I was very excited because it was my first time in America, and first time I've been on a plane in 8 years! yaaay! We stayed at my mom's cousin's house and we were so busy every day that the four/five days passed by in a blink of an eye! Here is my adventure of the summer. 

Day 1 (plane ride and Times Square)
The three of us arrived at the airport roughly around 5:30am and just chilled around the airport with my dad for a bit. Shortly after we said goodbye to my dad, boarded the plane, and waited for lift-off. The sun was rising at that time so everyday was so much more beautiful! I was super excited because I have forgotten what it felt like to be in a plane, the feeling when the plane leaves the ground. I was practically jumping in my! The plane ride to Toronto was smooth and nice, I just read most of the time and listened to music. When we arrived in Toronto, my sister and I were especially excited since it was our hometown that we haven't returned to in so many years. Our plane to NYC got delayed because the crew wasn't there yet, so the three of us just sat around. My mom mostly slept as I read, and my sister went to look for food. Fast forward to two hours later and we finally took off! I was more awake for this plane ride because I was so excited. I took so many pics of the view outside the window. 

Thus, we arrived in NYC! My face was basically glued to the window. Everything was so different compared to where I'm from. When we were at baggage claim, I tried to get a luggage cart so I just kept pulling as it was not coming out, and then I saw that you had to pay! So I gave up right before a security guard started gesturing at me. /hides my face/ We took the taxi to my mom's cousin's apartment which was in a neighbourhood with a bunch of Asian restaurants and supermarkets. They called neighbourhood they live in "NYC's second Chinatown". We had a quick dinner and left for our first NYC adventure: Times Square. 
At that time it was quite late in the day. Around 8pm I believe. When in Times Square, I was so amazed. All the lights, everything that I have imagined watching so many movies that took place at that one location. Bright lights and busy streets. I was just looking around and taking everything in with shining eyes. We also stopped by the huge M&M store, Hersheys store, and the Disney store. I got a cute little Captain America figurine huhu. There was also a lot of people so I got bumped into alot and my feet hurt from getting them stepped on. It was now 11pm and we were ready to go home. 

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