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GaLei here~ I thought what would be a better first post than a little introduction? So here it is!

I am Karly, aka GaLei aka Kurry! Both Karly and GaLei are my names and Kurry is kind of like a nickname. 
My hobbies include watching movies/shows, reading, travelling, listening to music, taking pictures, and looking at clothes I can't buy. I am especially interested in romantic stories and slow and calming music. 
In order to express those interests of mine, I decided to create this blogspot! On this blog, I will be posting things like reviews of clothes, movies, shows, and books, recommendations of things I think you guys might like, and even my adventures in the world outside my room. Maybe hints of my personality will filter through each post~ 
Welp, that's the mini intro! Stay tuned for more~ 

xoxo - galei 

Welcome Earthling.
Welcome to my rabbit hole.

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This will be the landing place of my adventures, likes/dislikes, accomplishments, crazies, and a little bit of everything else.

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